Prototype of Digital Narrative Game

My goal of my digital narrative game is to educate users the basics of horseriding.

My idea in mind is that when the user starts the game they are in front of a horse.

The user can press on any part of the horse (the bridle, the saddle, ..) and see the function of each.

There would also be a button where the user would ride on the horse and see, hear the different gaits of a horse.

Afterwards, the user can choose which discipline he prefer doing (show jumping, dressage, vaulting, racing ..) and learn the rules of each game.



2 thoughts on “Prototype of Digital Narrative Game

  1. hi Camille – that sounds like a really interesting game! Somewhat unexpected, but also somewhat expected given your love of horseriding! I’d be interested to hear more details about it, like do you think it would actually be useful for someone to go through it before they actually ride a horse, kind of like in the US where ppl do this multiple choice driving test before we actually are allowed a learner’s permit to drive… I think this could turn out to be really useful!!! Would it like, ask the player to make decisions about how they would respond to an emergency situation and let them know how likely it is for them to anger their horse or get thrown off or such?


  2. I really like the idea, as it’s different than others, a lot of people are addressing and creating other games on social or racial problems we are facing, however your game is a fun and educating game at the same time. I would personally play the game as I never tried horse riding, and i would like to know the basics and see what would happen if I chose the wrong step.


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