Exploration of Self: biases and political views

I. Binna Kandola’s video:

+ The importance of names in regard to our identities.
+ We are all Biased. Recognition that people know that they are biased. People who say they are not biased are the most bias.
+ The experiment: 80% of people didn’t realize it was the same person. They only noticed with a change of gender or color.
+ Make your mind of a candidate in only 2 minutes.
+ How you can impact people by what you tell them (experiment of women parking)
+ We don’t like random we like to understand everything.
+ two sources of bias: 1. We notice differences 2. The way we interpret the world around us.

II. IAT Tests

+ Race Test:

I did not like at all the test it was very long and the result I found is that I prefer black people over white people. However, I do not have a preference.

+ Guns test:

I believe that in the US there must be a regulation on guns or a more extreme regulation of making guns illegal. However, the result of my test is that there were not enough trials to determine a result.

+ Arab-Muslim Test:

I really don’t understand the goal of these tests! The result I got for this test is that there were not enough trials to determine a result.

III. The political compass.

I believe that I am neutral politically. In French politics, for example, I lean towards the center.

As shown below, my political compass is similar to my political leaning stated above. However, I thought I was more leaning to the right.

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 6.54.33 PM.png



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