Dissecting the Digital Divide

It is very interesting how Mark Warschauer starts by defining the term digital divide. First, I thought it meant simply that throughout the world people do not have the same equal access to the internet. However, in the beginning of the article, the author clearly illustrates the complexity of the term, pointing out that it is not black and white and the importance of the internet to different people in their daily lives.

+ I really liked the fact that the author pointed out the key features that scholars agree on regarding literacy and how these features are similar to online access.

The author explains the many reforms the ministry of education put forward in the early 2000s to introduce technology in schools around the country. However, these reforms were not developed properly. In order to do so, the Ministry of Education should first acknowledge the problems in the educational system and based on that find solutions and reforms to increase the quality of education. The reality was that they blindly introduced computers, etc for the mere fact of following Western countries and “try” to decrease the gap between the elite and the poor.

+ The solution to Egypt’s education problems are mentioned in the article as follows: “a mobilization of social forces to work for an improved and equitable educational system.”
I did not quite understand how a mobilization of social forces can do that? What are those social forces?


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