My Horse Riding Game!

I created this small game “Discover the World of Horse Riding” using Google Forms that help people interested in horse riding learn the basics of the sport and horses.

Hope you enjoy the game πŸ™‚


One thought on “My Horse Riding Game!

  1. hey Camille – this game was fun and I loved your use of visuals (even if you did not cite your sources haha). The main improvements I would make are:
    a. It does not put me in situations where I actually have to make a lot of decisions WHILE riding the horse- thought the ones you already have are REALLY good and I like your use of videos. Are there things we learn in the videos that we could be asked to practice while on horseback?
    b. I kept finding myself at the end of the game after each mistake I made… while I think it would be nice to still have opportunities to answer the next question, you know? So this is a small technical modification that you can make… like, after the person gets kicked in the face, you give them a week or month to recover and then try again ;)) with the next question πŸ™‚

    The last thing I’ll just ask you to make the game open to the public because people all over the world are trying to play it and aren’t able to. Thanks


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